Selling Conditions.


The products available on our online catalogue are the same as those in our shop.


A product may not be available since it has to be made, re-ordered or out of stock.


For these reasons Romagioielli has the right to verify the availability of a product and if it is out of stock,

to comunicate it to the customer as soon as possible,

and in case of a received payament to proceed to the refund procedure.


Images and provided data may not be completed or include all the product's characteristic and feature and may differ in weight,

colors and features.


If the purchased product is out of stock, we will proceed to refund and Romagioielli will not take any further responsability.


In case of a customized product such as engraving,

customized size request or any other interventions that may modify the original product the right of withdrawal decays.


By ordering on Romagioielli website the customer declare to have read,understood and accepted the purchasing procedure.